Utility, Water &

products play a crucial role in maintaining a clean, healthy and productive environment for citizens of the modern world.

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Betontec Precast Products  manufactures high quality precast concrete water and drainage components such as reinforced and non-reinforced concrete pipe, box culverts, catch basins and septic tanks using state-of-the-art facilities, processes and equipment, integrated under controlled conditions.

Betontec Precast Products uses different processes, each capable of producing precast concrete members that conforms or exceeds the requirements of applicable standards.

Precast concrete

Precast concrete technology is one of the best ways to produce high quality reinforced and non-reinforced concrete elements to rapidly build cost effective structures such as prefabricated houses, office and industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, stadiums, sports centres, shopping malls, parking lots, bridges, tunnels and much more.

Our team of highly skilled engineers

Advanced concrete knowledge, highly skilled workforce, state of the art manufacturing facility, fully computerized machinery and equipment for production, a modern manufacturing facility, well-equipped laboratory to control quality, along with powerful computers and software for design. We manufacture the highest quality precast concrete products for all your projects on time and on budget!

Betontec Precast Products at your service for your projects.

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