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Standard and Custom Design

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Our Services

Betontec Precast Products offers a myriad of services related to project development including consulting services, design, manufacturing, transport, installation and verification of architectural and structural precast concrete elements that are used in a number of major industries.

Betontec Precast Products’  high-tech equipment and systems, quality controlled environment and skilled team are vital to provide superior quality, precision manufactured precast concrete elements for our clients.

Water Tanks, Silos and Corp Storages

Manufacturing Precast pre-stressed and non pre-stressed water and oil storage tanks with precast reinforced concrete wall elements ensures the quality of precast elements under control environment and the modular system and speed in delivery. The precast concrete wall elements will be assemble in sites, in the farms, industrial facilities and other locations. The design of storage tank is in accordance with the customer’s requirements, taking into consideration local Codes and standards, site conditions such as soil bearing capacity, embankment, groundwater level and other local parameters.

Advantages of precast concrete liquid storage tanks are:

– Easy and quick installation
– long-life (corrosion and leak-proof)
– maintenance free
– Flexible installation: ground, half or fully reclaimed
– Compliance with the customer’s needs (open or covered construction)
– Design based on latest version of standards:

Our Manufacturing Facilities

Betontec Precast Products has recently established a state of the art manufacturing plant in Woodstock, ON that provides the unique ability to manufacture large volumes of standard product, as well as create custom design precast concrete specialty elements on demand.

Our Products

Betontec Precast Products offers structural precast concrete elements for agriculture – arches – beams – box culverts – bridges and girders – building frames – columns – commercial and industrial buildings – custom design – energy and utilities – encapsulations – piers – parking lots and garages – revetments – stadia – stairs – tunnels and tunnel segments – U-ducts – walls.

Precast concrete

Precast concrete technology is one of the best ways to produce high quality reinforced and non-reinforced concrete elements to rapidly build cost effective structures such as prefabricated houses, office and industrial buildings, schools, hospitals, stadiums, sports centres, shopping malls, parking lots, bridges, tunnels and much more.

Our team of highly skilled engineers

Advanced concrete knowledge, highly skilled workforce, state of the art manufacturing facility, fully computerized machinery and equipment for production, a modern manufacturing facility, well-equipped laboratory to control quality, along with powerful computers and software for design. We manufacture the highest quality precast concrete products for all your projects on time and on budget!

Betontec Precast Products at your service for your projects.

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